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Face Atelier WOWs Us Again!

19 May
At this past weekends Makeup Show in NYC Face Atelier introduced their Ultra Foundation Women of Color line. As you all know from this post, I am a huge Face Atelier fan. The foundation goes on smooth like butter, doesn’t seep into the skin, and feels very light. The coverage? Amazing! The women of Color foundation doesn’t disappoint either. At a first, quick glance on Sunday morning I felt underwhelmed with the line, however, the more I played with it on myself and on friends, the more I became overwhelmed with the possibilities. Heat is a life saver! Just a small drop was enough to warm up a lot of the foundations to match my skin tone.
However, if you are a fave of Face Atelier’s Foundation #10, beware! They changed the formula so that now it has a slight olive undertone. I use to wear #10 so that didn’t too well with me, and unfortunately, when I went to purchase two of the #10 pro shade the young lady behind the table failed to tell me about this change. It was during the seminar with Brandalyn Fulton (pictured right) of Face Atelier that I learned of the change. I now know that I am a #11and that works well for me. I contacted Face Atelier and they were sweet enough to ship me their #11 to replace my #10, and for that I’m super greatful. Once again you can’t go wrong with Face Atelier. Great products, great customer service! What more could a beauty addict ask for?

Jackpot! I Think I’m in Love!

5 Mar

We all know and can agree that I’m a product whore right? Right! So when I was flipping through an old Makeup Artist magazine recently, a company I had never heard of nor tried before peeked my interest. A Canadien based company called Face Atelier.

I’m always on the search for a better foundation, so I was filled with glee when I saw that they may have a foundation in my shade. I quickly ordered samples of their foundations to play with. At $1 a sample, I bought one of each.

The Ultra Foundation is silicone based. What does this mean? It means that this product will not seep into your skin, but instead lay on top of it.  It is light and hydrating yet oil free. Once I applied it I was shocked that my skin looked so flawless! It had an airbrushed look without any creases or lines. The best part? They offer zero plus and zero minus foundations. Just use a drop of either to lighten or darken one of the shades. Still can’t find the color you’re looking for? Face Atelier plans to offer a Women of Color Ultimate Foundation range this year! The foundation is medium to full coverage but as always, you can make it more sheer by adding a little of your moisturizer. You will love it and so will your clients.
Available at Face Atelier