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Review: Juicy Leave In Conditioner

19 Apr

I will be the first to admit that I have no idea how to style natural hair. It’s the reason why I wear lacefronts so much. I’ve tried to do twist outs (fail), braidouts (major fail), or flat twist outs (hit or miss), and it just doesn’t work for me, so back to the wigs I go. I can do wash and goes because…you just wash…and go :-/ The problem with that is I often get fairy knots when my hair is out for too long. What to do? Going back to the creamy crack is not an option. I may not know what to do with my hair, but I can appreciate the healthy state it’s in AND I actually like my hair.

So, needless to say I’m constantly on the hunt for that one hair product that is going to make styling easy peasy. Well guess what? I found it!!! I’m so friggin excited! Naturalista Cosmetics has a product called Juicy Leave in Conditioner. I am always hella skeptical of products, so if I can buy a trial size, I do. That’s just what I did with Juicy. I bought a 2oz trial size. Now I sit here sighing wondering why I didn’t get the 16oz size instead.

This stuff is everything. My hair has never been softer and my twist outs have never come out this fantabulous! I simply followed the steps that were posted on the naturalista facebook page:

I wish I would’ve taken pics the first day I tried the product, but I didn’t. I say this because the first time I tried it, I let my hair dry for two days. That made a big difference. When I manipulate my hair when it’s still slightly damp it gets frizzy, which is what happened the second time I used Juicy. However, I still love my twist out so much that it doesn’t even matter! Lol. Plus my hair is shiny! I haven’t had shiny hair in forever! Did I mention how soft it leaves my hair? *swoon*.

If I had one gripe about this product, it’s the smell. Some may find it pleasant. For me the smell is annoying. It’s like a body moisturizer that is heavily scented in a scent that aggravates my nose. It’s strongest when I first put it on, so by day two I can’t even remember what it was about Juicy that annoyed me.

I’m so beyond satisfied with this product. I’m a believer. The search is over!

You can buy Juicy here. The prices are as follows:

2oz – $7
4oz – $12
8oz – $22.50
16oz – $35

Happy shopping!



IIt’s Here! The Miss Jessie’s Sale

20 Nov

So I’m never one to jump on a new trend or product just because. The same holds true for hair products. However, when a dear friend mentioned that Miss Jessie’s Super Sweetback Treatment melted into her hair, well, I had to try it! And hot dayum, what do you know, it melted in mine too. I could hear each and every coily strand whisper a “praise Jesus” with every massage I did with the product. So how slowdown do you think I am that Miss Jessie’s is having a BOGO sale starting today through 12/31??? Stoked! Like, totally!

That’s right, you can buy any Miss Jessie’s product and get one of equal or lesser value fo’ free hunty! The sale is on now at Target!


Hair Update: Going Natural Never Looked So Good!

10 Apr

As most of you know I’ve been natural for more than a year now. I didn’t go the usual route that everyone else seems to take. In other words, there was no big chop for me. After growing my hair out for approximately 6 months without a relaxer, I chopped off all the hair that was below my earlobe. Since then I have gradually cut off all of the relaxed hair. Today I am completely relaxer free. I can’t say, and won’t say that I loved every bit of this journey. It has been hard! I’ve worn wigs for more than I’d ever care to. However, for me my hair has to be between armpit length and bra strap length when straight in order for me to feel attractive when wearing it curly. Don’t judge me.

Since discovering what will make me feel comfortable, I have been on a mission not just to grow my hair, but to make it as healthy as possible while doing so. I’ve tried a gazillion products, and have learned what my hair does and does not like. For instance, my hair loves cremes. Loves loves loves them. Oil? Not so much. So I learned to just use oil to seal. So far, nothing makes my hair feel more moisturized than the Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil products. Currently I’m using these three:

I’ve tried using coconut oil as a prepoo, and also to seal, but yeah, no, it does nothing for me. These three products are the only one’s that have worked for me thus far, but I’m very open to other suggestions.

This is the healthiest my hair has EVER been! I haven’t thought about going back to the creamy crack once because my hair feels so friggin good! It’s letting me know that this is the way it desires to be, and I’m listening. Anyway, the journey has been tough at times, but I love seeing the transformation of my hair. Seeing it go from a 3b:

to a 4a/b:

has been amazing. I have no clue what has caused it to change texture, but the more it grows, the tighter the curls get.

So here are my current hair pics. Any advice from the natural hair gurus will be welcomed with open arms: