Hair Update: Castor Oil Challenge

27 Mar

Hello my lovelies! How is everyone doing on the Castor oil challenge? I hope you’re sticking with it the best that you can. I am officially out of castor oil so I need to buy some more today. Yup, that does indeed mean that I have been sticking with it. I haven’t really updated on it because…well…look at my current hairstyle…Image

Yeah, I kept my hair in a protective style for the first week of March, and then I just couldn’t take it anymore. I needed hair! Big, fluffy, glorious HAIR! So that Saturday I sat down, re-watched season two of games of thrones and threw as many braids in as possible. Then I found the cute little hair bow tutorial on pinterest this morning and thought what the heck, let’s give it a shot. I like it! I can’t wait to get home so I can do it right instead of at work without a mirror in a rush, but I really like it!

I’m also doing the castor oil challenge on the babies hair. I can definitely say it has gotten fuller, although it hasn’t really gotten longer, if that makes sense. I don’t really care how long her hair is, I just want that trauma spot to grow in as much as possible.

So update me ladies! What kind of castor oil are you using? Are you starting to see any results? Details! Details!



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