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1 Mar

Wait, I haven’t blogged since August? Yikes! I am sooooo incredibly sorry. Truth be told, I am such an introvert that as soon as anything goes off balance in my world, I shut down. Shut down everything. I was quite off balanced in 2012 and I’m just now getting my groove back. Thank you for sticking with me. You deserve a Patience of Job award!

So why am I finally writing? I’m writing because I have been inspired by so many challenges lately. Let’s start with hair first.

So this is me:


I’m all natural, everyday. No wigs no weaves. It’s something I’m really trying to do. It is super hard for me to be natural in the cold months because I can’t wash and go and apparently, I am ze worst at natural hairstyles. I keep trying and failing, trying and failing. Plus, I don’t seem to run across really cute styles for naturals with short hair. It seems to be those with longer, thicker hair that have the most success with hair styles. Thus, I need to focus on retaining length so that I am finally happy with my hair. That brings me to the hair challenge I stumbled upon! In one of my facebook groups someone mentioned that Kinky Curly Coily Me! Is having a Castor Oil challenge beginning today!. The purpose of the challenge is to lengthen and thicken your hair. You can use any castor oil that you would like to, but you must apply it to your hair/scalp at least 3 times a week. You must also check in each week from March 1, 2013 to June 1, 2013. Now, I’m not going to do the challenge on the blog because if you haven’t noticed, I have a little problem with checking in :-/ Also, I know everyone loves Shea Moisture, but my hair simply doesn’t anymore, so the grand prize means nothing to me. However, I am interested to see if Castor Oil will make my hair thicker and longer, so I will personally do this challenge. If you are interested in joining  the real challenge and vying for the grand prize, go here! I will check in here the first Saturday of every month to do a length check starting tomorrow.

What else has been challenging me? The C25K. The daggon C.2.5.K.

This isn’t my first time at the rodeo. I’ve tried to complete the C25K at least 3 times before. Welp, I’m on it again. Obviously I have a problem with quitting things lol. But I am determined! I am currently on week 4 – go me! Although you know, I’ve been warned about week 5 and I must say that my first thought was “It’s quitting time!”. However, I can’t give up. I just can’t. I refuse to let jogging beat me! So once I get this running thing down, I plan on doing this:

Just to be clear, I’m all about the 5k. Not one part of me is interested in doing a half marathon – yet. Let me get this jogging thing down first, and then I’m on it! It will happen in the area’s wine country and I am here for that! All of it. The feather boas, the blinged out medal…did I mention the wine? Ha! I’m so there! If you are interested in checking it out, visit the Divas Half Marathon website. The marathon is also happening in other areas of the US, so even if you are not from the DMV area, check it out to see where you can participate. Upcoming dates are as follows:

Right in line with the marathon is my healthy eating challenge. I’m back to taking to writing in the my fitness pal diary. I love the my fitness pal app. It really does work for you if you allow it to. I also enjoy plugging my exercise activities into the nexercise app. I love being rewarded for working out! Anyway, I stumbled upon yet another challenege (hey, I’m getting good at this!) on facebook. This one is a foold journal challenge for the month of March. During this month you have to food journal for 31 days. Every single thing you eat must be included. I’m definitely all in for this. I need to be held accountable for my eating actions.  You can find out more about the 31 Day Food Journaling Challenge here.

So there you have it! Good luck to all of you that are joining any of these challenges. If you do decide to join, let me know which ones. If there are others you are apart of for the month of March, please feel free to share them.

God Speed,



Review: Juicy Leave In Conditioner

19 Apr

I will be the first to admit that I have no idea how to style natural hair. It’s the reason why I wear lacefronts so much. I’ve tried to do twist outs (fail), braidouts (major fail), or flat twist outs (hit or miss), and it just doesn’t work for me, so back to the wigs I go. I can do wash and goes because…you just wash…and go :-/ The problem with that is I often get fairy knots when my hair is out for too long. What to do? Going back to the creamy crack is not an option. I may not know what to do with my hair, but I can appreciate the healthy state it’s in AND I actually like my hair.

So, needless to say I’m constantly on the hunt for that one hair product that is going to make styling easy peasy. Well guess what? I found it!!! I’m so friggin excited! Naturalista Cosmetics has a product called Juicy Leave in Conditioner. I am always hella skeptical of products, so if I can buy a trial size, I do. That’s just what I did with Juicy. I bought a 2oz trial size. Now I sit here sighing wondering why I didn’t get the 16oz size instead.

This stuff is everything. My hair has never been softer and my twist outs have never come out this fantabulous! I simply followed the steps that were posted on the naturalista facebook page:

I wish I would’ve taken pics the first day I tried the product, but I didn’t. I say this because the first time I tried it, I let my hair dry for two days. That made a big difference. When I manipulate my hair when it’s still slightly damp it gets frizzy, which is what happened the second time I used Juicy. However, I still love my twist out so much that it doesn’t even matter! Lol. Plus my hair is shiny! I haven’t had shiny hair in forever! Did I mention how soft it leaves my hair? *swoon*.

If I had one gripe about this product, it’s the smell. Some may find it pleasant. For me the smell is annoying. It’s like a body moisturizer that is heavily scented in a scent that aggravates my nose. It’s strongest when I first put it on, so by day two I can’t even remember what it was about Juicy that annoyed me.

I’m so beyond satisfied with this product. I’m a believer. The search is over!

You can buy Juicy here. The prices are as follows:

2oz – $7
4oz – $12
8oz – $22.50
16oz – $35

Happy shopping!


DC Area MUA: 2010 Bridal Hair Styling with Warren B!

12 Apr

***This message originated from Flawless by Lisa. You can checkout her website here: and her blog here:***

With wedding season in FULL BLOOM!!! Wouldn’t you like some FRESH, Unique styling options for your brides??? If you currently work with brides and are looking to be more marketable this class will be beneficial to you! Learn modern styling techniques that will make more prepared to handle any bride or bridal party!

Come and GAIN!!!

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Once you complete this training you will be better able to handle the rush of this wedding season.

April 17th 2010
11am until 4pm


Combs, Brushes, Curling Irons, Flat Iron, Styling Spray, Holding Spray, Hair Pins, Bob Pins, Shine Spray, Thermal Styling Serum, Model or Mannequin.

Registration Fee: $150.00

If you have any questions email: !!!



hair & makeup artist
NYC Washington D.C. Miami

Natural Hair Care Woes

1 Sep

I’ve never been one to want to go the hair salon. In fact, I hate it. Even when I found a hair dresser that would get me in and out in an hour, I still dreaded going. All that money and for what? I rarely wear my own hair. Mainly because I have struggled to keep it healthy and growing. Normally the back of my hair grows, but the front…well, the growth is quite stunted. So in January, I decided I would go natural. No more relaxers. That way I could care for it at home more, and just go to the hair salon when I needed a trim.

Since that time, things have honestly gone quite well! I had half of a “big chop” in May. I got my hair cut to about earlobe length to get rid of half of the relaxed hair. Then I would deep condition and co-wash twice a week. Since then my hair has grown about 2.5 inches, and I’ve gotten about an inch of growth in the front! How exciting is that!

But I’m lazy. When it comes to girlie things, I’m pure lazy. The only thing I can get myself excited to do is my makeup. But hair? nails? facials??? Ha! Yeah, I’d prefer to watch tv. As a matter of fact, I slacked off for about 3 weeks with my hair, and I’m paying the price. I washed and conditinoed it and when it dried, it DDRRRIIIEEDDD! I mean, it felt so dry and brittle I was afraid that it was all going to snap off! I didn’t understand what it wanted. It hates plain oils. It prefers creams. I tried giving it that, but nope, still wasn’t satisfied. Well, today I decided I would try again. I co-washed with Organiz Shea Butter Conditioner, and then DC’d with Protectiv MegaGrowth Deep Strengthening Growth Conditioner for about 30 minutes. I rinsed, gently massaged Organics Root Stimulator Olive Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion in it and let it air dry. It feels much, much, MUCH better!

I got kind of frustrated with myself for not staying on top of my hair. My dream is to one day wear only my own hair, and have it be natural and beautiful, whether I wear it curly or blow dried straight. However, I need something to keep me on track so I can stay committed! That’s when I remembered reading about a challenge on the K.I.S.S. blog. You can read more about that here. The hair part of the challenge is as follows:

Deep Condition at least 1x weekly

Heat no more than 2x monthly

Moisturize and seal nightly
I can do that. I WILL do that! I HAVE to do that, if I ever want to have my hair be all me. The challenge also has a fitness and spiritual component to it, so check it out!
Here’s to loving my hair so that it will love me right back. Wish me luck!

I want horse hair!

31 Mar

Last week I gave myself a relaxer for the first time in months (since November) and, le sigh, how disappointing! While my hair is about 1.5 inches longer, it is shedding and my edges? Non-existent. Umm, yeah, so the vanity in me made me finally push back from the wedding planning to go scour the internet and find out what the heck I can do about this…scarce brillo pad that I call hair.

I ran across a site that I visit from time to time called the Long Hair Care Forum. The first product I run into is called Mega-Tek, and it’s a wrap! I’m seeing pages and pages of entries from women who have used this product and within weeks their hair is flowing! Ok, maybe that’s a stretch, but they at least have an inch growth in a month in places where they didn’t have any hair at all. And this, people, makes me a believer! I immediately researched where to buy the conditioner, and dagnabbit, for $30 it better work! It seems that this is along the same lines as the horse and tail shampoo that was so popular years ago, but that did nothing for me. It’s mainly used for horses, but states on the bottle that it is safe for humans too. I’ll try anything not to have Brandy (the singer) edges. Seriously, I hate hate HATE to see Black women walking around without any edges! Myself included, and I am well on my way. No more. No more micro braids, or tight ponytails. I’m stretching my relaxers, and I’m committed to healthy hair in 09.

So my bottle of mega-tek arrived on Monday and I immediately got to work. I was literally salivating at work waiting for 5p.m. to come so I could attack my hair. First I co-washed my hair with an Olive Oil conditioner. Then I parted my hair in small sections and applied the Mega-Tek to my scalp,being careful not to apply it to my hair. I left it in for an hour, then washed it out and applied a deep conditioner. I DC’d for 45 minutes, then washed it out, braided my hair, and tied it up for the night. I’m wigging it from now until the wedding (June 20th). Tonight I applied mega-tek as well, and I plan to leave it in until Friday when I Co-wash again. I took pictures as well, so if I don’t see some progress by April, I’mma have to find another route. Hey, I’m way open to suggestions!