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FOTD: Blue Bandit

15 Mar

FOTD: Bright Lips (and Personal Issues)

31 Jan

Hey foxy ladies (and gents)! Usually I doh’t do a bright lip because I’m much more confident (and comfortable) with a nude lip. Bright lips make me go to a whole nother level of confident because I have to push through the self-consciousness. Come to think of it, anything that really puts me out there does. Like hats. I love them, but rarely wear them, because they call so much attention to me. Okay, apparently I have issues. Anyway, i hope you like the look. I’mma go now and umm…do some self relfecting…yeah….

FOTD: Natural Sparkle and Pop

13 May

I decided to add a little pop to my everyday look with the pink lipstick. What do you think?


FOTD: A Smokey Eye that Sparkles!

20 Apr
Face: Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturizer and Bronzer/Eyes: Sedona Lace palette (light brown), MUFE Flash Palette in Black, GDE in Urban Trash,Sugarpill in Stella/Lips: Bobbi Brown nude lipgloss/Cheeks: Bobbi Brown cream blush.
What´╗┐ do you think of the bobbi brown tinted moisturizer and bronzer I used? I think I really like it for summer!
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FOTD: My Girl Crush

7 Apr

For the past 3 days I’ve been obsessed with Adele. I didn’t know of her until about late 2009, but when I heard that voice! *swoon* I instantly fell inlove. Now that she has a new album out and I’m inlove with that one too (you can pick up 21 from amazon for $9.99) I’ve started to really notice Adele and her style and…I’m jealous. She is always so perfectly coiffed and my goodness I love her style! Because of this the FOTD is all about Adele.


FOTD: Pick It Out

4 Apr

The beautiful thing about living in my neighborhood is that there are always a lot of free events. Saturday my neighborhood hosted a day filled with food, music and fireworks in honor of the Cherry Blossom Frestival. After spending all of Friday night taking care of the kid, I so was not feeling a wig or doing anything extra with my hair, so after I washed it I decided to throw on some leave-in and pick it out a little. I didn’t want a scary big afro, just a lil sumthin sumthin different, so I yanked at my hair with my fingers for a couple of minutes and voila!

I’m happy. Very happy indeed. Now, after I did mine I tried to pick out the baby’s hair and…bwahahahaha! I died a little. Died I tell ya! That lil bouffant she had going on, on top of her head? Whew! That thing was pure hilarity. I won’t shame her by posting a pic…well, not today lol. Whew! Ok, so you had to have been there, whatev…

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FOTD: Back to Business

2 Apr

Wednesday was my first day back to work in 2 months. That meant I couldn’t walk around looking like crap just yet, so this is what I came up with:

Nice and subtle!