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Glamour Doll Eyes Cosmetics

24 Jun

Long time no see! That’s mainly because I’ve been sticking with the same hairstyle and the same makeup routine (well, I haven’t really been wearing makeup, but, yeah…). Suddenly last week I was aching for some eyeshadows and thought I would visit one of my favorite pure pigment sites, Glamour Doll Eyes. I just wanted to share my mini-haul with you all (you can click on the pics to bring them to their full size):



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Very pretty, right? Love these colors? I can’t wait to use them on myself and others. I should be posting pics soon. Ciao!

God Speed,



LOTD: Pastel Meet Purple

23 Apr


MAC Studio Tech NC50
MUFE HD Powder


MAC Yogurt E/S – Brow bone
Glamour Doll Doll House E/S – lower lid to mid-lid, blend up into crease
Glamour Doll Glam Girl E/S – lower outter-lid to mid-lid, blend up into crease and into Doll House E/S
Coastal Scents Palette 78 , column 5, last color in the second row (dark blue) – outter V
Coastal Scents Palette 78, column 4, second color in the first row (pink) – btwn upper crease and brow bone
MAC pigment in Naked – Brow bone highlighter
Coastal Scents Black E/S – Line eyes
Voluminous by Loreal – Mascara

MAC Viva Glam IV


Nars Torrid Blush