25 Mar

It was the Makeup Show in NYC May of 2010. I was a newbie and in awe that I was surrounded by so many different brands that my head was swimming. Suddenly a booth caught my eye. There were only a bazillion (real word, I swear!) people swarming around it. On the backdrop I saw the letters INGLOT. Inglot? Really? Why am I suppose to care about this company and better yet, why are there more people at their booth than saaayyy…MAC? MUFE? Well, I walk over and immediately I’m in tears. I was so excited! I was excited about the eyeshadows, but more than that, I was excited about the actual face products, something new for me! The foundation, powders, concealors, oh my! OMG, I heart Inglot so much and guess what? Finally Inglot is available online, oh yeah! You can shop Inglot online right now!



One Response to “INGLOT! INGLOT! INGLOT!”

  1. socialitedreams March 25, 2011 at 6:23 pm #

    i want inglot products sooo badly! they all seem divine and richly pigmentedVonnie

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