Finally Starting to Love My Hair

29 Nov

As you all may remember, I began growing my hair natural in January of this year. I was taking a serious chance since I had done this once before and failed terribly. My junior year of college I decided to grow my hair out natural since I rarely got relaxers. It was a total failure because I had no direction. There weren’t all of these natural hair care forums that there are now, and none of my friends were natural so…I just grew it out. No cutting off of the relaxed hair, no change of routine, nothing. It was a m e s s!

This time I started growing my hair out in January. My last relaxer was November, and I just didn’t feel like getting another one. I had started getting relaxers only about 3 times a year, so I figured why not try it again? Long Hair Care Forum became my best friend! I’ve never spoken a word on there (chronic lurker mode in full effect), but I learned so much from those ladies. In May I had my first quasi-big chop. I was too much of a punk to get it all chopped off, so I just had the stylist cut off 4-5 inches. I bought a few lacefront wigs, and got all of my hair supplies. The whole Organic Olive Oil line was extremely good to me! I co-washed with the conditioner once a week, deep conditioned with a cholesterol conditioner once a week and washed with the shampoo once a week. That may seem like a lot, but for my hair it wasn’t. My hair is super oily at the base and dry at the ends. I would braid my hair up underneath and go. My hair was so healthy that I didn’t need a trim for the next 4 months! My hair was growing, but it was growing even. Never experienced that!

Now I find myself looking for styles to wear in the next few months. If I continue to treat my hair right, I suspect I will happily wear it out by April. I want to get a little more length (like 3 inches) before doing so. Then I’ll start simply bunning until I reach my goal length.

Here’s my hair now. I lurve it!

So loving my hair. This was pre-trim, but I actually didn’t have to cut much off. Yay! Hopefully I will report back in April with about 3 more inches of growth to this length.
Have any natural hair care tips you’d like to share? Please do! I’m always looking for new products to try out!

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