Glamour Doll Eyes Cosmetics

24 Jun

Long time no see! That’s mainly because I’ve been sticking with the same hairstyle and the same makeup routine (well, I haven’t really been wearing makeup, but, yeah…). Suddenly last week I was aching for some eyeshadows and thought I would visit one of my favorite pure pigment sites, Glamour Doll Eyes. I just wanted to share my mini-haul with you all (you can click on the pics to bring them to their full size):



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Very pretty, right? Love these colors? I can’t wait to use them on myself and others. I should be posting pics soon. Ciao!

God Speed,



Faking Big Hair

20 May

We all see the natural girls with the big beautiful hair and drool. Maybe you are one of the naturals with big beautiful hair and you are nodding right saying yep, I keep’em drooling. And if you are, I’m totally green. Reina is my name and shrinkage is my hairs main game. As soon as water hits my hair my curls curl up on themselves until they are nice and tight to my scalp. Usually I don’t mind this, but I miss big hair. I love big, curly hair. Not big Texas hair like this:

Yeah, because that right there is what I can’t do. But I’m talking naturally curly big hair like this:

And this

And yes please this

As I was struggling to think of what I should do with my hair since it was time for me to take my braids out, someone in one of my facebook groups posted this video:

Ding ding ding! Now why didn’t I ever think of doing that? So super cute and easy. I knew I didn’t have to necessarily have that exact wig (although I do love it and plan to buy it in the future), I just needed a curly wig. So I headed to my local bss and snatched one up and…voila!:

IMG_20130520_112853_924What do you think? I, for one, am in love with it! I have big hair, yay! So I bought it, whatevs. It’s big and I love it! I can see me getting a couple of curly wigs and rotating them throughout the summer.

I am still doing the castor oil challenge, but honestly, I have no way of determining if it’s helping or not. My hair was in braids for the first 2 months of the challenge. But I figure it’s castor oil, it can’t hurt.

So what are you going to do with your hair for the summer months?


P.S. In that pic I’m wearing my favorite new lip color. It’s Wet N Wild Megalast Lipstick in Sugar Plum Fairy I believe.

Hair Update: Castor Oil Challenge

27 Mar

Hello my lovelies! How is everyone doing on the Castor oil challenge? I hope you’re sticking with it the best that you can. I am officially out of castor oil so I need to buy some more today. Yup, that does indeed mean that I have been sticking with it. I haven’t really updated on it because…well…look at my current hairstyle…Image

Yeah, I kept my hair in a protective style for the first week of March, and then I just couldn’t take it anymore. I needed hair! Big, fluffy, glorious HAIR! So that Saturday I sat down, re-watched season two of games of thrones and threw as many braids in as possible. Then I found the cute little hair bow tutorial on pinterest this morning and thought what the heck, let’s give it a shot. I like it! I can’t wait to get home so I can do it right instead of at work without a mirror in a rush, but I really like it!

I’m also doing the castor oil challenge on the babies hair. I can definitely say it has gotten fuller, although it hasn’t really gotten longer, if that makes sense. I don’t really care how long her hair is, I just want that trauma spot to grow in as much as possible.

So update me ladies! What kind of castor oil are you using? Are you starting to see any results? Details! Details!


Here We Go – Castor Oil Challeneg Check-in

7 Mar

Hello guys and dolls! I think I need a standing ovation for blogging again so soon lol. I’m trying to make this the new me. Anyway, as promised, here is my photo for the Castor Oil challenge. This was taken on Saturday, March 2, 2013.


I swear my hair has been the same length for 2 years, ugh. Apparently I don’t know how to keep my ends. Hopefully this castor oil challenge will help. How are you doing on the challenge? Are you keeping up with it? Have you run into any struggles yet? For me it’s finding a protective style I like enough to keep in for more than a day. Any styles you’ve tried that you absolutely adore?

God Speed,


It’s Snack Time!

1 Mar

There’s something that keeps popping up in my Facebook news feed and I was wondering if any of you have ever tried it. It’s called Naturebox.


I’ve seen it for some time now, but the new promotion to get your first box for $10 a month is reeling me in (promo code is: SNACKHEALTHY). With your membership you receive 5 full-sized packages of healthy snacks. You will receive new snacks every month and the best part to me is that you can cancel at any time! So have you tried it? Do you like it? I think I’m really going to go for it!

God Speed,



1 Mar

Wait, I haven’t blogged since August? Yikes! I am sooooo incredibly sorry. Truth be told, I am such an introvert that as soon as anything goes off balance in my world, I shut down. Shut down everything. I was quite off balanced in 2012 and I’m just now getting my groove back. Thank you for sticking with me. You deserve a Patience of Job award!

So why am I finally writing? I’m writing because I have been inspired by so many challenges lately. Let’s start with hair first.

So this is me:


I’m all natural, everyday. No wigs no weaves. It’s something I’m really trying to do. It is super hard for me to be natural in the cold months because I can’t wash and go and apparently, I am ze worst at natural hairstyles. I keep trying and failing, trying and failing. Plus, I don’t seem to run across really cute styles for naturals with short hair. It seems to be those with longer, thicker hair that have the most success with hair styles. Thus, I need to focus on retaining length so that I am finally happy with my hair. That brings me to the hair challenge I stumbled upon! In one of my facebook groups someone mentioned that Kinky Curly Coily Me! Is having a Castor Oil challenge beginning today!. The purpose of the challenge is to lengthen and thicken your hair. You can use any castor oil that you would like to, but you must apply it to your hair/scalp at least 3 times a week. You must also check in each week from March 1, 2013 to June 1, 2013. Now, I’m not going to do the challenge on the blog because if you haven’t noticed, I have a little problem with checking in :-/ Also, I know everyone loves Shea Moisture, but my hair simply doesn’t anymore, so the grand prize means nothing to me. However, I am interested to see if Castor Oil will make my hair thicker and longer, so I will personally do this challenge. If you are interested in joining  the real challenge and vying for the grand prize, go here! I will check in here the first Saturday of every month to do a length check starting tomorrow.

What else has been challenging me? The C25K. The daggon C.2.5.K.

This isn’t my first time at the rodeo. I’ve tried to complete the C25K at least 3 times before. Welp, I’m on it again. Obviously I have a problem with quitting things lol. But I am determined! I am currently on week 4 – go me! Although you know, I’ve been warned about week 5 and I must say that my first thought was “It’s quitting time!”. However, I can’t give up. I just can’t. I refuse to let jogging beat me! So once I get this running thing down, I plan on doing this:

Just to be clear, I’m all about the 5k. Not one part of me is interested in doing a half marathon – yet. Let me get this jogging thing down first, and then I’m on it! It will happen in the area’s wine country and I am here for that! All of it. The feather boas, the blinged out medal…did I mention the wine? Ha! I’m so there! If you are interested in checking it out, visit the Divas Half Marathon website. The marathon is also happening in other areas of the US, so even if you are not from the DMV area, check it out to see where you can participate. Upcoming dates are as follows:

Right in line with the marathon is my healthy eating challenge. I’m back to taking to writing in the my fitness pal diary. I love the my fitness pal app. It really does work for you if you allow it to. I also enjoy plugging my exercise activities into the nexercise app. I love being rewarded for working out! Anyway, I stumbled upon yet another challenege (hey, I’m getting good at this!) on facebook. This one is a foold journal challenge for the month of March. During this month you have to food journal for 31 days. Every single thing you eat must be included. I’m definitely all in for this. I need to be held accountable for my eating actions.  You can find out more about the 31 Day Food Journaling Challenge here.

So there you have it! Good luck to all of you that are joining any of these challenges. If you do decide to join, let me know which ones. If there are others you are apart of for the month of March, please feel free to share them.

God Speed,


The LOC Method: Moisture Heaven!

9 Aug

Ok, before anyone says anything let me put it out there that I know that I’m late! I know it. I often am when it comes to these hair trends. Heck, I don’t know what half of the acronyms mean! But can I tell you how happy I am that I found out about the LOC method? I mean I’m ecstatic! Over the moon! Jumping for joy! Doing cartwheels! Dancing like Johanna who…dances like Elaine from Seinfield…yeah… I’m that happy!

For the longest time I’ve been seeing people on Facebook and Twitter say “yeah, I do the LOC method and it works great!”or “what products do  you use for the LOC method?”. Meanwhile I’m sitting here scratching my head saying what the heck is the LOC method??? So, I asked Mr. Google and that’s where I stumbled upon this post on Curly Nikki’s site. Basically LOC stands for Liquid, Oil, Cream. First you apply a liquid to your hair, like water. Next you apply your favorite and then you cover that with a creamy moisturizer. Now, for the past year I’ve been using water, then a creamy moisturizer and sealing with oil. I didn’t see not one bit of change and my hair was still desert dry by the end of the day. So when I read the post on curly I got super excited. Maybe that’s what I’ve been doing wrong!!! So I got to it. I co-washed my hair as usual, then I applied my mixture of OVOO and jojoba oil. Finally I put on AfroVeda Shea-Amla Whipped Butter Cream. My hair was instantly softer! By the end of the day my hair was still soft and actually had shine, imagine that! And guess what?!? You’re not going to believe it because I know I didn’t. 48 hours later my hair was still soft and moisturized. This process is a winner for me! I do it about every other day just because and I simply love it.

If you’ve been doing it, what products do you use? If this will be your first time trying it, let me know how it works for you!